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Belit – 20 years later

Belit – 20 years later

This year is an important jubilee for Belit and we planned a big celebration to mark it. Unfortunately, the pandemic occurred and this forced us to adjust our ways of doing business and minimize social contacts, so we celebrated our 20th anniversary online, on a zoom meeting, from our home offices.

This did not stop us from having fun and thanking our colleagues who have been with us for ten, fifteen years or more, as well as those who have been with us since founding of the company. The CEOs and founders of Belit, Dušan Poznanović and Predrag Rajačić, shared with us how in September 2000 the idea of collaboration was born, and how it was implemented and formalised in December of the same year. The idea was to create “tailor made” solutions to help clients improve and achieve new levels of business efficiency.

It started on familiar terrain, in the area of banking and financial markets, in which they had knowledge, experience and contacts. This has proven to be a good choice, so after 20 years Belit is still a leader when it comes to improving and developing new services in the field of banking and finance.

From “company veterans” we heard a lot of anecdotes about how beginner mistakes and “teething problems” were successfully dealt with , as passion and creativity overcame obstacles. In one of these anecdotes, the solution to the problem required the closure of Terazije street or the lease of a military helicopter, and in the end we chose to close the city centre for a while.

Thanks to this approach,  today we provide services to clients from the government and  public sector, as well as to the private s companies, we work in domestic and foreign markets, on projects dealing with energy efficiency and healthcare, and we are an equal partner in several cutting edge research and development Horizon 2020 projects. One of these projects, PERISCOPE, deals with the covid-19 virus pandemic and its socioeconomic impacts, in order to work on population resilience and better preparation for future similar health risks. This is another characteristic of Belit that we have highlighted when  looking over the past two decades; it seems that in crisis situations, and there haven’t been  just a few of them, we always knew how to recognize an opportunity for growth.

In the end, as is usually the case at this type of celebrations, we had to recount some of the anecdotes that took place outside of working hours, on informal gatherings, joint dates and family celebrations, because Belit is one big family. We lost count trying to count how many graduations, weddings and births we celebrated together, and as you can see in the pictures, we laughed a lot.

And this is how we plan to continue, with optimism, always there for each other to solve the future challenges with passion and creativity. Of course, and to celebrate, as planned, when conditions for this are in place. We sure have a lot of reasons for that!

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