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  • Clear and user friendly interface
  • Data protection is additionally ensured by encryption and electronic certificate
  • Solution is completely modular
  • Flexibility in parameterisation, modifying or making new reports
  • Around-the-clock help desk and consulting has been made possible for users

BankReport is software for creating banking financial reports and their submission to National Bank of Serbia.

Banks can generate reports from their information system automatically, while it is possible to make reports also manually, or to combine both of aforementioned ways of data input. More than one source can be used for generating one report – by combining them in one report that is being sent. Special system for detection of errors and their correction has been developed. All calculations are done in real time and validity of data is immediately checked.

More than one person can work on data input. Data input, validation and sending are user friendly. Reports generated and sent by BankReport have replace reports in paper form – as they are in standardised electronic form (XML format), electronically signed, and sent encrypted.


  • Import data from local IS
  • Manual creation and control of reports
  • Data and message transfer to external core systems
  • 62 daily reports, 16 decade reports, 2 weekly reports, 58 monthly reports, 94 quarterly reports, 23 six month reports
  • More than 500 people was trained to use BankReport


  • Addiko Bank, Beograd RS
  • AIK Banka, Niš RS
  • Banca Intesa, Beograd RS
  • Banka Poštanska štedionica, Beograd RS
  • Direktna Banka, Kragujevac RS
  • Eurobank, Beograd RS
  • Expobank, Beograd RS
  • JUBANKA, Beograd RS
  • Komercijalna Banka, Beograd RS
  • Mirabank, Beograd RS
  • Opportunity Bank, Novi Sad RS
  • Pireus Bank, Beograd RS
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Beograd RS
  • Societe Generale Banka Srbija, Beograd RS
  • Telenor Banka, Beograd RS
  • Unicredit Bank Srbija, Beograd RS
  • Vojvođanska Banka, Novi Sad RS

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