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  • Full funcionality for supplying and viewing data
  • Quick search and detailed search functions
  • Multiple view and export types

MARIS is centralized information system for management of intellectual property rights and royalties of composers, songwriters, lyricists and editors.

Through data acquisition from affiliated international registers, MARIS keeps record of music creators worldwide and protects their rights Compliance with international standards approved by International Confederation of Societies of Composers and Authors (CISAC), compliant with WID, IPI and CWR standards and regulations Web interface for interested parties with online search and reporting.


  • Unified database of interested parties (authors), domestic and international
  • Unique identification and coding system
  • Detailed search of interested parties, their works and published media
  • Licensing and distributing royalties for public performances and broadcasting of copyrighted works



Sokoj protects rights of composers, songwriters, arrangers and other right holders in respect of musical works of all genres. Sokoj – Serbian Music Authors’ Organization was founded in 1950. It is the oldest and until recently the only organization for collective protection of music copyright and related rights.

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