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Energy Manager


  • Collecting and monitoring data on energy flows, data processing and analysing by various criteria.
  • Planning and managing of resources and finances.
  • Flexible solution independent of platform, type of energy, type of user etc.
  • Scalable system that can be implemented on city or municipal level, but also in factories, companies, buildings and on whole distribution systems.

Energy Manager - Belit Web-oriented information system for monitoring, analysing, planning and managing flows of energy. Based on the collected data, the Energy Manager can provide parameterised analysis and reporting. It uses IEA / EUROSTAT / UNECE methodology for energy balance sheets, and works to support business processes and planning for all users (resource planning, energy optimisation, anomaly detection in power consumption, etc…).

Energy Manager is very flexible information system – it is platform independent; not dependent on energy source; it can be used to manage one or more energy sources; it can be applied to consumers, but also producers of energy… It is extremely scalable – it can be implemented on municipality, city, or regional level, or in companies, factories, buildings, projects, or in the whole distribution system.

Energy Manager Belit shema

Systems opens wide range of possibilities depending who uses it:


  • Analysis, visualisation, alert systems and improved energy related behaviour based on near-real time feedback on energy consumption;
  • Energy awareness;
  • Detection of consumption anomalies;
  • Personalised and parameterised reporting.

    City Government

  • Budget and energy strategy planning;
  • Buildings and Utilities energy resources consumption monitoring;
  • Energy resources consumption planning;
  • Energy balance sheet for selected entities or group of entities;
  • Financial data analysis.


  • Visualisation of energy consumption;
  • Energy Entity comparison (based on previous period, energy resources consumption, etc.);
  • Centralised data management system;
  • Financial data analysis;
  • Personalised and parameterised reporting.


  • Complete solution for monitoring, analysing, planning and managing flows of energy.


  • Public buildings (municipality buildings, kindergartens, museums, schools…)
  • Transportation systems
  • Public utility companies
  • Energy distribution systems
  • Public lighting
  • Factories
  • Projects and single buildings
  • Retail chains
  • Households and flats
  • Farms
  • Hoteli
  • Ski resorts
  • Recreation centres

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