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Public Procurement Portal


  • Advanced search of all published material free of charge and without need for registration.
  • Built in advanced search for fast finding and access to desired content.
  • Notifications and validations for quick and error-free submission of new content.
  • Customised web controls for easier navigation through portal content.

Public procurement portal is central hub for publishing of procurement in electronic form. Portal is very flexible and scalable web platform. Portal allows all interested persons to access published content, free of charge and without registration.

Depending on user rights, user can:

  • Guests – have access to all general features of the Portal – all public procurements and their documents, as well as advanced search.
  • Registered users – submit new public procurements and all related documents. Notification and validation built in system ensures quick and error-free submission of new content. Registered users can also edit published content.
  • Portal administrators – verify and publish submitted content, as well as manage users.

This Portal is part of the Republic of Serbia e-Government project.


  • Very flexible and scalable web platform for publishing of procurements.
  • Portal visitors can review and search content.
  • Registered users can submit new public procurements.
  • Administrators can control and publish submitted content.


  • Public procurement portal of Public procurement office of Republic of Serbia

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