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Nearly 2,000 active CEJN portal users

In the electronic public procurement system in Montenegro, CEJN, whose implementation began on January 1st this year, as many as 1,872 active users have been registered so far, which are extremely good results for the period of time.


Montenegro’s electronic public procurement CEJN was created by Belit as a result of the “Implementation of electronic public procurement system” project for the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare of Montenegro and the Directorate for Public Procurement Policy, which began in 2018 and was supported by the European Commission (EC) and funded by IPA funds.


The system enables more efficient public procurements called by all budget bodies in Montenegro, while simplifying procedures and achieving greater transparency of the process, all in order to manage public finances more successfully in this country.


By 1st March 2021, a total of 359 tenders, 102 contracts, 6,534 documents were published on the CEJN portal, 9,903 files were added and 494 bids submitted. Out of the total number of active users, 635 purchasers and 719 bidders were registered. Registration is done by filling out the registration form, as well as by registering on http://cejn.gov.me. The system offers an overview of current procedures, plans, and an English-language option.


A media campaign by the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare in Montenegro under the slogan “Public Procurement Click Away” is in progress, urging all businesses to register with the new electronic public procurement system, which expects the number of registered users to increase significantly in the upcoming period.


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