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The Development of Health Information System (EuropeAid/117681/D/SV/YU)
Full project name: The Development of Health Information System for Basic Health and Pharmaceutical Services in the Republic of Serbia (the Electronic Health Record) (EuropeAid/117681/D/SV/YU)

The project aims at introducing Electronic Health Records (EHRs), as major core infrastructural components, into the Health Information System (HIS) of Serbia, through the establishment of four regional EHR Centers and one national EHR Centre within, or appended to, National IPH, plus a pilot site in Pančevo. These EHR Centers are to host EHR databases and specific software to developed by the project.

The implemented system complies with standards defined at international level and in particular with Health Informatics standards defined by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN/TC 251), with special focus on interoperability, data privacy, protection and security.

The Project won the DISKOBOLOS award of JISA (Union of ICT Societies of Serbia) for 2008, in the Healthcare category.

Belit developed and implemented the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Web Client Application (WCA), providing basic functionalities for supplying and viewing HER data, intended for health care facilities that do not have core information systems connected to EHR.

Belit contributed to the development of Data Integration Layer web services, as WCA connects to the unified EHR system in the same way as other systems, through these web services.

Also, Belit developed and implemented the Web Portal of the Project, with public and registered user areas, comprising a Web Content Management System to handle project activities and materials on-line publication, document repository and forum.

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  • The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia (MoHS)


  • Serbia

Origin of funding:

  • European Agency for Reconstruction, 2004 CARDS Program

Partners on the project:

  • Euro Health Group (DK) (Lead);
  • Infonet (SI);
  • Siemens IT solutions (RS);
  • Telekom Serbia (RS).

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