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IS SOKOJ – Serbian Music Authors’ Organization
Full project name: IS SOKOJ – Information System of Serbian Music Authors’ Organization

Belit developed complete information system of SOKOJ (Serbian Music Authors’ Organisation) together with the automation of the whole business process. The application communicate with the external databases and data sources of other societies and organisations in the world and performs pairing – thus protecting rights of broadcasted and performed local as well as international music rights.

Comprehensive redesign of the database and migration of the complete data (over 89 million records) from the old database to the new one was concluded seamlessly.

The solution fully supports the International Confederation of Societies of Composers and Authors (CISAC) standards of data exchange with the other societies (CRD), publishers and subpublishers (CWR), world databases for music works (WID) and authors (IPI) etc..

Web portal was developed for the needs of members and external data sources.

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  • SOKOJ – Serbian Music Authors’ Organization


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