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PPF3 – Priprema projekta i tehnička pomoć za jačanje administrativnih kapaciteta u Srbiji
Full project name: PPF3 – Priprema projekta i tehnička pomoć za jačanje administrativnih kapaciteta u Srbiji (EuropeAid/128499/C/SER/RS)

The European Commission aim was to seek support for implementing the project, “Project Preparation Faility” in order to provide assistance to the authorities in Serbia in the preparation and delivery of effective EU projects in accordance with EC procedures for IPA programming and contracting. Additionally, the project will enhance and reinforce Serbian capacities in the overall context of the EU pre-accession process and the management of the Instrument for Pre-Accession.

Overall objective(s): The Project was aimed to increase the quality of project implementation under the IPA programs through the provision of support to respective line Ministries and other Agencies in identification, screening, preparation and tendering documentation for projects.

Project activities were focused on preparation of major high quality and financially viable projects for financing by IPA, national and IFI/other funding through IPA components III and IV, in accordance with DG REGIO and DG EMPL application requirements.

Specific objective(s): Component 1 activities included the start of work on the preparation of the Stara Pazova-Novi Sad railway project. This work (Feasibility Study and EIA) is being carried out under a sub-contract. In addition, work day estimates for two additional projects (Halovo Regional Landfill and Thermal Power Plants) were prepared by PPF3 and approved by SEIO.

Component 2 activities during the reporting period concentrated on the Needs Assessment Document and project preparation (ToR for a number of projects).

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  • Evropska delegacija


  • Srbija

Izvori finansiranja:

  • Evropska komisija

Partneri na projektu:

  • Project Management Limited (IE),
  • European Profiles S.A. (GR),
  • Formaper (IT),
  • Archidata S.r.l. (IT).

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